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10,67 EUR*
Details Marketing Mayhem for Manicurists: Marketing Made Easy for Manicurists

Seiten: 90, Taschenbuch, Serenity Publishing & Communications, Inc.

44,00 EUR*
Details The Art and Science of Marketing: Marketing for Marketing Managers

If your organization has customers, you need to understand marketing. And to achieve the best results from your marketing requires a subtle blend of art and science. It can also benefit from recommendations for practice rather than lists of options...

56,14 EUR*
Details The Next Step in Database Marketing: Consumer Guided Marketing: Privacy for Your Customers, Record Profits for You

The Next Step in Database Marketing A complete hands-on guide to today's hottest new direct marketing techniquesbl11Consumer-Guided Marketing (CGM) promises to forever change the way companies reach their customers.

9,73 EUR*
Details Zero Budget Marketing: ROI Based Marketing Guide for Entrepreneurs

Seiten: 196, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

24,61 EUR*
Details Excel for Marketing Managers

Excel for Marketing Managers The most powerful Microsoft Excel features that can be used to sort through data to produce meaningful marketing analyses are outlined in this manual. Marketing managers will learn the math functions to produce budgets and...

127,82 EUR*
Details Creative Marketing: An Extended Metaphor for Marketing in a New Age

Seiten: 161, Ausgabe: 1st ed. 2006, Taschenbuch, Palgrave Macmillan

12,45 EUR*
Details YouTube Marketing Manual: Video Marketing for Businesses, Speakers, Consultants, and Authors

Seiten: 224, Ausgabe: 4, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

19,23 EUR*
Details Business-To-Business Internet Marketing: Five Proven Strategies for Increasing Profits Through Internet Direct Marketing

""This ""crash course"" in business-to-business marketing is an excellent introduction for the newcomer and a worthwhile refresher for the veteran. Barry Silverstein is convinced that the Internet will soon replace direct mail as the primary vehicle for...

15,66 EUR*
Details 365 Marketing Strategies For Travel Agents: Travel Professionals Share Their Marketing Secrets

Seiten: 96, Ausgabe: First Edition, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

25,30 EUR*
Details Quest for the Perfect Strawberry: A Case Study of the California Strawberry Commission and the Strawberry Industry: A Descriptive Model for Marketing: ... Model for Marketing Order Evaluation

""Quest for the Perfect Strawberry 'Baum's book provides a wealth of heretofore unavailable information on marketing in the strawberry industry. It contains invaluable insights by an insider gleaned from many years of experience. It is required reading...